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Welcome to the 500 Home Run Club®, LLC, the exclusively authorized, internationally recognized organization founded to celebrate the awe inspiring achievements of the greatest home run hitters in baseball history. The club operates with the endorsement and support of both Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame.



August Preview

The Last Of The Home Run Kings

You know what feels old school in today's world of baseball? Scoring. One week into the season, here is the tally of hits versus strikeouts (via Joe Sheehan):

Hits: 1,506

Strikeouts: 1,431

Holy cow, right?

The NL Doesn't Want the DH
an article from SportsonEarth.com

Amid the annual discussion about making the designated hitter rule universal in both the National and American league, one teensy point seems constantly to be overlooked. The National League does not want it.


Thank you for voting for your favorite 500, 600, 700 or Honorary 800 HRC

We're updating our members' pages by adding live video of their 500th home run. Vote for your favorite 500, 600, 700 or Honorary 800 HRC member now. A new winner voted in each month. To view the video go to the member's link at the bottom of their page.

Martin Dihigo, Honorary 500 HRC member won this month's poll. Thanks for voting!

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700 HRC: Harper Hitting at Ruthian Clip

MLB All-Out-Of-Position Team
an article from SportsonEarth.com

It came as a surprise last Friday when the Orioles gave Steve Pearce his first professional start at second base. Pearce, never a middle-of-the-diamond player, has spent most of his career in the corner outfield...


Milestone Video Winner

Martin Dihigo

July's Home Run Milestone winner is Honorary 500 HRC member Martin Dihigo.

Nicknamed "El Maestro" and "El Inmortal," Dihigo began his career with the Cuban Stars of the Eastern Colored League in 1923. Although his primary position was second baseman, he excelled at many positions. In 1938 Dihigo threw the first no-hitter in the history of the Mexican League. That year he also hit over .300 and led the league in strikeouts. In 1977 Dihigo was inducted into the Hall of Fame.

For more information on Martin Dihigo visit his member's page here.

Ernie Banks/Sports Illustrated

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