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Written by Jim Rednour   
Saturday, 31 October 2009

In this world of sports specialization, it’s hard to conceive of a single Major League Baseball player outperforming each and every one of his league peers in all three major batting categories: 1) Home Runs, 2) Runs Batted In and 3) Batting Average.  Consistently hitting with power and being able to get a big hit when the pressure is on and you’re your team needs it most; are the skills from which legends are made.

Winning the MLB Trip Crown is so rare that only 13 men have done so since the award was first bestowed in 1878…and four of those all time All-Stars are members of The 500 Home Run Club®.

While most baseball fans and pundits alike refer to a player when he finished the year leading his own league in all three categories, as having won the Triple Crown. A less frequent circumstance is the "Major League Triple Crown,” when a player out-performs every player in both major leagues, not just his own league. Since the birth of the American League in 1901, only five hitters: Ty Cobb (1909), Rogers Hornsby (1925), Lou Gehrig (1934), Ted Williams (1942), and Mickey Mantle (1956); have finished ahead of every other major leaguer in all three major categories.

Triple Crown Batting Winners

Year Batter Position League Team HR RBI AVG
1878 Paul Hines CF NL Providence Grays 4 50 .358
1894 Hugh Duffy CF NL Boston Beaneaters 18 145 .440
1901 Nap Lajoie 2B AL Philadelphia Athletics 14 125 .426
1909 Ty Cobb RF AL Detroit Tigers 9 107 .377
1922 Rogers Hornsby 2B NL St. Louis Cardinals 42 152 .401
1925 Rogers Hornsby* 2B NL St. Louis Cardinals 39 143 .403
1933 Chuck Klein CF NL Philadelphia Phillies 28 120 .368
1933 Jimmie Foxx* 1B AL Philadelphia Athletics 48 163 .356
1934 Lou Gehrig 1B AL New York Yankees 49 165 .363
1937 Joe Medwick LF NL St. Louis Cardinals 31 154 .374
1942 Ted Williams* LF AL Boston Red Sox 36 137 .356
1947 Ted Williams* LF AL Boston Red Sox 32 114 .343
1956 Mickey Mantle* CF AL New York Yankees 52 130 .353
1966 Frank Robinson* RF AL Baltimore Orioles 49 122 .316
1967 Carl Yastrzemski LF AL Boston Red Sox 44 121 .326

* 500 Home Run Club® members
* Ted Williams and Rogers Hornsby each won the Triple Crown twice

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