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Written by Liz Banks   
Wednesday, 01 June 2016

Anti Recency BiasHall of Fame's Anti-Recency Bias

An article by Sports on Earth

In baseball history, I believe we now have what I would call an "anti-recency bias," believing what we have just witnessed can't be nearly as important as what has come before it. Deeds we have seen with our own eyes can't possibly measure up to the feats that now have the imprimatur of history. Baseball has a powerful nostalgia engine working full-time. Books and columns are churned out year after year, emboldening the belief in the greatness of old-time players. Players from the cable era were far more exposed, with every bad start, and every blown postseason save on national display. It's a new twist to the old Groucho Marx line, where we wouldn't want any part of a club that would have one of our own generation as a member.

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