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Written by Jim Rednour   
Wednesday, 01 May 2013

500 Home Run Club® Members had tons of power Alright – or was it Left?

Bonds batting left handedWhen it came to choosing which side of the plate to bat from, you could say that the majority of the 500 Home Run Club® members LEFT nothing to chance - but only by the slimmest of margins. Of the 12,750+ long balls hit by 500 HRC sluggers, 6433 or 52% were hit by left-handed batters or switch hitters. Only 6317 or 48% were hit by righties.

This margin is much closer than it was one year ago, since three of the four All-Stars who joined The Club in 2007 (Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas and Manny Ramirez) are all right handed - adding 1566 right-handed long balls to the overall count.  Only Jim Thome is a lefty.

Two of the top three home run leaders of all time, Barry Bonds and Babe Ruth were lefties. And the other active 600 HR Club player, Ken Griffey, Jr. also bats facing the third base fans.

Micky Mantle batting right handedWhile Mickey Mantle generally considered himself a better right-handed hitter, he actually hit 372 of his 536 career home runs facing the Yankee’s home dugout, while hitting only 164 as a right handed hitter. Mantle hit a home run from both sides of the plate in the same game on 10 occasions.

Rank Name HR Handed
13 Mickey Mantle 536 Switch Hitter
20 Eddie Murray 504 Switch Hitter
  Total 1040  


Rank Name HR Handed
1 Hank Aaron 755 Right
4 Willie Mays 660 Right
5 Frank Robinson 586 Right
7 Mark McGwire 583 Right
8 Harmon Killebrew 573 Right
11 Mike Schmidt 548 Right
14 Jimmie Foxx 534 Right
Ernie Banks 512 Right


Frank Thomas     




Alex Rodriguez   




Manny Ramirez 




Total 6317


Rank Name HR Handed
2 Barry Bonds* 762 Left
3 Babe Ruth 714 Left
6 Sammy Sosa 588 Left
9 Rafael Palmeiro 569 Left
10 Reggie Jackson 563 Left
12 Ken Griffey, Jr.* 606 Left
15 Willie McCovey 521 Left
15 Ted Williams 521 Left
16 Eddie Mathews 512 Left
19 Mel Ott 511 Left


Jim Thome     



  Total 5757  

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