Written by Jim Rednour   
Monday, 29 June 2009

Can You Name The Five MLB Players Have Hit 500+ Home Runs While Playing For Their Original Team?

Fans of the 500 Home Run Club, LLC are among the most informed and involved followers of baseball stats.  But here are some questions that may challenge even you!

The Chicago Cubs are one of a select few clubs in major-league history to boast two members of the 500 HRC.  This picture is a big hint about the first…Can you name them both?  Click for the Answer

Other than Chicago’s North Siders, which teams had multiple players hit home run Number 500 while on their roster? 
Click for the Answer

How’s your hitting so far?  Well for those who are 2-for-2, get ready for a curveball question:  Which five Cooperstown inductees reached the 500 homer milestone with their original team? Click for the Answer

With free agency now in play, it is rare to see a player stick with one team his entire career, or to hit 500 home runs with just one team. Currently, only Albert Pujols is the closest to hitting 500 long balls with his original team, the St. Louis Cardinals…although with 332 (as of the writing of this article) he’s years away from the fabled # 500.!Technorati!Newsvine!Blogmarks!Yahoo!
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