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Written by Jim Rednour   
Monday, 31 July 2006

Barry Talks About His Father Bobby Bonds

Bonds' father, who passed away from complications of cancer on Aug. 23, 2003, had a 14-year career, the first seven with the Giants. Later in life, the dad became a batting coach and inspiration to his son, who signed with the Giants as a free agent on Dec. 8, 1992, after playing seven seasons in Pittsburgh.

"I've been able to do things with my father's help that I never thought I could do," Bonds said. "Nothing made me more proud than for my dad never to say anything I couldn't be. And I know he did that on purpose because outside the ballpark and at home he was a whole different person. All I wanted to do was outperform him."

Bobby Bonds Talks About His Son Barry

"I know exactly what my son's gone through, because I went through the same damn thing myself. They said I was supposed to be the next Willie Mays. When they told me that, it was an honor. You're talking about the guy I consider the greatest player to ever wear shoes. I probably had more success than anyone they ever put the Mays label on. You show me another guy who's going to go 30-30 five times. I sure hadn't met him until my son did it. "Whenever we talk on the phone, Barry knows I've been there. I've stood 60 feet, 6 inches, from Bob Gibson and Don Drysdale. There's no situation that comes up for Barry that I haven't gone through myself."

Barry's high school coach, Dave Stevens

"Barry was a very easy young man to coach. An extremely hard worker. The year he hit .467, I remember if anyone was on base for us, teams would just walk him! I coached a lot of fine kids; I had 15 kids sign major league contracts in my eight years at Serra. I never had any problems with Barry. When you give Barry his space, you couldn't be around a nicer kid.”

Former Pittsburgh manager Jim Leyland About Barry Bonds

"Most guys who talk about what they're going to do, they usually set themselves up to get humbled," Leyland explained in a Bond biography written by Carrie Muskat. "Barry Bonds was like Joe Namath or Muhammad Ali. He could make a statement and go out and back it up. Not a lot of guys can do that. In fact, managers usually cringe when guys make statements about what they're going to do. In Barry's case, I liked it. I think he did it on purpose to motivate himself. In a lot of ways, it's easy for Barry. I think he needs a little controversy around him."

Co-500 Home Run Club® Member and Friend Ken Griffey Jr. Reflects on Barry

"Barry took me out to dinner when I was 17. I think it was his rookie year. We just talked family. We don't talk much baseball. Just like now. I'll call him a few times in the off-season, sometimes write him letters. Family's always the main topic. But I do get on him about his golf game."

Alou Compares Bonds to Aaron at this point in their respective careers

Giants manager Felipe Alou compared Bonds to Aaron at the end of his career, when he could no longer play the field but still had the quick bat that helped him hit a record 755 home runs. Aaron hit the final 22 of those in his final two years with the Milwaukee Brewers, when he was primarily a designated hitter after spending his first 21 seasons as an outfielder with the Braves.

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