About Us

Welcome to the 500 Home Run Club®, LLC, the exclusively authorized, internationally recognized organization founded to celebrate the awe inspiring achievements of the greatest home run hitters in baseball history. The club operates with the endorsement and support of both Major League Baseball and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

This web site features a virtual Who’s Who of the most awe-inspiring sluggers in baseball history. From all-time Home Run King Barry Bonds, to “Hammerin™’” Hank Aaron and the legendary “Bambino™” Babe Ruth , to 22 (and counting) other power hitters who helped to install baseball as “America’s Game” by hitting 500 or more home runs during their MLB career.

We invite you to join with us in celebrating the outstanding achievements of history’s greatest players who have left their lasting impression on the baseball world. From all-time greats like “Mr. Cub™” Ernie Banks , “Mr. October™” Reggie Jackson and “Say Hey™” Willie Mays to active players like Jim Thome, Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez and others who continue their quest for the all-time home run record. In addition, we salute players who served as athletic and civic role models for generations around the globe, such as: Japan’s Sadaharu Oh, Mexico’s “El Bambino Mexicano™” Hector Espino Gonzalez, Cuba’s “El Maestro™” Martin Dihigo, and Negro League All-Star Josh Gibson.

Each of these players demonstrating a rare combination of raw strength and endurance that allowed them to stay at the top of their game, and which kept baseball fans everywhere on the edge of their seat.

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