500 Home Run Club® Member Moments in a Media Crazy World
Written by Jim Rednour   
Friday, 30 November 2012

One of the most amazing feats in major league sports, the home run, happens so quickly that you might miss it entirely, if you’re not looking. A major league fastball covers the distance from the pitchers’ mound to home plate in less than half a second.  Then, after making contact on the sweet-spot of a bat (like those featured in our October content), it does an abrupt and thunderous “about face”…and spends the next 2 ½ to 4 seconds sailing high into the seats before it officially becomes a home run ball.

Good thing there’s a little thing known as the “TV instant replay” – not to mention the Internet, where baseball fans worldwide can see some of the most amazing and influential home run hitters of all time – members of The 500 Home Run Club® LLC.  We’ve assembled an unmatched library of home run video highlights featuring 500 Home Run Moments and other outstanding footage showing our club’s members in action, so you can enjoy them over and over…