600HRC Sluggers True To Their Team
Written by Jim Rednour   
Monday, 31 May 2010

While some modern home run hitters, including Mark Teixeira (Rangers, Braves, Angels, Yankees) and Carlos Peña (Rangers, A’s, Tigers, Red Sox, Rays) have shopped their talents to the highest bidder, bouncing from team to team in search of continued glory and home run tallies… 600 Home Run Club® members, “Say Hey” Willie Mays, Ken “The Natural” Griffey, Jr. and “Slammin” Sammy Sosa hit the vast majority of their home runs with one or two teams.

In fact, most of the 25 members of The 500 Home Run Club® (18 of 25) stayed with one team for a dozen years or more.  Talk about being true to their team!  In an era of free-agency and block-buster trades, this just shows these superstars were true to their loyal fans and teammates.



12+ Years With The Same Club:

762 Barry Bonds (7-Pirates, 15-San Francisco Giants)
755 Hank Aaron (23-Braves)
714 Babe Ruth (6-Red Sox, 15-Yankees, 1-Braves)
660 Willie Mays (21-Giants, 2-Mets)
630 Ken Griffey, Jr. (13-Mariners, 9-Reds, 1-White Sox)
609 Sammy Sosa (2-Rangers, 3-White Sox, 13-Cubs, 2-Orioles)
583 Mark McGwire (12-Athletics, 5-Cardinals)
573 Harmon Killebrew (21-Senators/Twins, 1-Royals)
569 Jim Thome (12-Indians, 3-Phillies, 3-CWS, 1-Dodgers, 1-Twins)
548 Mike Schmidt (18-Phillies)
536 Mickey Mantle (18-Yankees)
521 Frank Thomas (16-White Sox, 2-Athletics, 2-Blue Jays)
521 Willie McCovey (15-Giants, 3-Padres, 1-Athletics, 4-Giants)
521 Ted Williams (19-Red Sox)
512 Ernie Banks (19-Cubs)
512 Eddie Mathews (15-Braves, 1-Astros, 1-Tigers)
511 Mel Ott (22-Giants)
504 Eddie Murray (13-Orioles, 4-Dodgers, 2-Mets, 3-Indians, 1-Angels]

10+ Years With The Same Club:

586 Frank Robinson (10-Reds, 6-Orioles, 1-Dodgers, 2-Angels, 3-Indians)
563 Reggie Jackson (10-Athletics, 1-Orioles, 5-Yankees, 5-Angels)
551 Rafael Palmeiro (3-Cubs, 10-Rangers, 6-Orioles)
534 Jimmie Foxx (11-Athletics, 7-Red Sox, 2-Cubs, 1-Phillies)

Only three members spent less than 10 years with one team:
586 Alex Rodriguez (7-Mariners, 3-Rangers, 7-Yankees*)
548 Manny Ramirez (8-Indians, 8-Red Sox, 3-Dodgers)
509 Gary Sheffield (4-Brewers, 2-Padres, 6-Marlins, 4-Dodgers, 2-Braves, 3-Yankees, 2-Tigers, 1-Met)

*A-Rod, who is in the third year of a 10-year contract with the Yankees, should eventually make it to the top of this list.