A-Rod Scheduled for Surgery During the Off-Season and May not Be Back on the Field until June/July
Written by Bryan W. Alaspa   
Thursday, 13 December 2012

A-Rod had it rough in 2012. Rodriguez ended up plagued, yet again, by injuries and other problems throughout the course of the season while the Yankees and their fans hoped and prayed for an extended appearance in the post-season. That was not to be, and there are fans who want to lay the blame on the powerful slugger and wonder if age is starting to slow the man down. The fact remains, however, that despite the injuries and despite his age, Alex Rodriguez remains a powerful force within major league baseball.

Now, news has come down from Yankees management that A-Rod will undergo surgery on his right hip during the off-season. That is the second time he will have had surgery on that part of his body, with the first being in 2009. Now coaches are saying that his recovery could take up more than half of the year of 2013, with a reappearance at home plate and swinging a bat not likely until June or July. For fans of the Yankees, this may be too late.

Rodriguez reportedly told his coaches and management that he was experiencing pain in his hip during the third game of the American League Division Series. That was when he was pinch-hit thanks to Joe Girardi. Rodriguez was sent off to have an MRI while others stepped up to bat for him, but the initial results of that MRI showed no damage and that allowed him to play again for the rest of the time the Yankees were in the playoffs. Once that happened, according to the coaching staff, Rodriguez did not complain of further pain.

The seriousness of the problem wasn’t revealed until A-Rod had a routine exam during the off-season. Another MRI was done on his hip and it showed a labral tear, among other concerns. The Yankees doctor then recommended surgery for the 37-year-old slugger to try and correct the problem.

When A-Rod had surgery in 2009 he returned to the game very quickly. Of course, at that time, the procedure he had to undergo was not nearly as serious. He returned to playing form in just two months. This time, the doctors are tacking on another month to his recovery.

Alex Rodriguez will undergo the surgery, most likely, in January. He will then have to recover and then undergo extensive physical therapy just to get back into form in the hopes that he can return by June or July.

As for the Yankees, this means they will be out a third baseman for the entire first half of the new 2013 season. However, Yankees management has stated that they were aware that A-Rod might have problems with his hip and this injury and the surgery is not entirely a surprise. 

It is hoped that the surgery, once Rodriguez has recovered, can return him to fighting form like he was back in 2009-2010.