Alex Rodriguez starts the season by being injured
Written by Bryan W. Alaspa   
Monday, 04 March 2013

Although A-Rod, as he is known, is one of the most controversial, yet respected, players in modern day baseball, he also happens to be aging. He may still be hitting the balls out of the park and over the fence, and the Yankees and their fans are depending on him, but now the aging superstar needs hip surgery. That means that fans, who have been anxiously awaiting his start for 2013, will just have to wait.

And now that spring training has arrived, it it causing people to wonder who will step up into his place and how that will affect things once the season starts. The other problem is that A-Rod will be missing Spring Training himself now. So, even when he gets the go-ahead to play again, he will have to start his Spring Training while the season has already started. Fans will just have to be patient, then, once they hear that Alex Rodriguez is healthy, he may not be right back at the plate the very next day. It will also make Spring Training for the Yankees rather interesting, since Rodriguez won’t be there.

A-Rod had a bit of a touchy start when the 2012 season started. There were many fans of the Yankees who were wondering if it might not be time for Rodriguez to hang up his glove. Over the past few seasons the Yankees had not been the team seemingly staffed by superheroes that it had been in times past. In fact, Rodriguez got hurt, again, during the 2011 season. However, these are the Yankees, and things never stay dull with them.

As the 2012 season has progressed it seemed like it would be the Baltimore Orioles that were going to run away with things in the Eastern Conference. However, as the season wore out, the Yankees came to life, along with Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is still a man poised to break some major league baseball records if he can get and remain healthy and continue to produce the runs, which is a major question. As things stand now, A-Rod has 644 career home runs. By any standard that is impressive. He also has 316 stolen bases, which means he is a dangerous opponent tp pitchers even if he gets on base, and makes him risky to walk. He has an overall stat of 2,872 hits and 1,937 runs. 

Right now, however, it is his left hip that is the problem. The third baseman has to have surgery to start off the new season, instead of showing up for Spring Training ready to play. That is something when you consider that the predicted cost of Alex Rodriguez is $275 million. Despite that cost he has, currently, a torn labrum, bone impingement and a cyst. The surgery will require that he be laid up for four to six months once he has the operation.

A-Rod first reported a problem with his hip during the 2012 season. During a game with the Mariners, he took a hit to the hand and sustained a non-displaced fracture. He was placed on the disabled list. Then, during the post-season, during the third game of the AL division series in October, he asked manager Joe Girardi to have Raul Ibanez to pinch hit for him, because of pain in the hip. He ended up in the emergency room that very night, and some of the problems were found.

For Yankees fans, maybe are wondering if it might be time for the team to cuts its losses. This trip to the DL is sixth trip to the list in six seasons. This is not an average that inspires confidence in the notoriously picky Yankees fans.!Technorati!Newsvine!Blogmarks!Yahoo!