The 600 Home Run Club
Written by Liz Banks   
Friday, 30 August 2013

Sammy SosaThe 600 home run club is home to the greatest stars of baseball. Reaching this milestone is by no means an achievable target for everyone, and the few who have crossed it have become legends of this game. These players hold this and many other records that mark their achievements in baseball. Here is a list of 8 players in the 600 home run club:

Sammy Sosa (609 home runs): Sammy Sosa is the only baseball player ever to hit 60 home runs in three seasons, '98, '99, and '01. With an outstanding average of 58 homers during the period of 1998-2002, Sosa has 609 home runs in all to his name. He was however involved in the steroid scandal that rocked the game in 2006, which tainted his image in the list of greats. Sosa played for Chicago Bulls all through his career, with a break in 2006.

Ken Griffey Jr. (630 home runs): When playing for Seattle, it can be argued that there was none better than Griffea-rody Jr. His downward slide began with his days at the Reds, and if he had stuck with Seattle, he could have been the highest run scorer. His bad health and form at Reds limited his achievements, though 6030 homers is still a lot of runs and puts him alongside the greats. Griffey Jr. played with Cincinnati reds all through his career.

Alex Rodriguez (647* home runs): Rodriguez was the poster boy of Baseball until his recent involvement in the steroid scandal. He has 3 MVP's and 2 second-position finishes to his name, and his overall numbers on the boards are amazing. He, however, has had a consistent career with runs scored throughout his career, and would have surely crossed the 600 mark without drug use also. Rodriguez plays for New York Yankees and is an active player, though injuries have kept him out this season.

Jim Thome (612 home runs): Thome played over a career spanning two decades, and has been one of the most powerful hitters in the game. With an amazing on-base percentage that is behind only to Babe Ruth and Barry Bonds, Thome is the 7th highest run scorer of all time. He played more than half of his career with Cleveland Indians and then moved to various clubs over the remaining part of his career.

willie-maysWillie Mays (660 home runs): Willie Mays is a legend of the game, and is the fourth highest runs scorer of all time. He is also the highest run scorer in the 600 home run club. Mays played for New York, San Francisco Giants, and finally settling in New York Mets and has a sparkling career that establishes him as a great of the game. Along with this Willie Mays also has the distinction of having the highest number of All-Star appearances, which he shares with Stan Musial and Hank Aaron.

The 600 home run club reflects the achievements of some of the greatest players of the game and most that join this club are guaranteed a place in the Baseball Hall of Fame. Apart from Rodriguez, all other players have retired.!Technorati!Newsvine!Blogmarks!Yahoo!