The ‘Bambino’s’ Mighty Run
Written by Liz Banks   
Friday, 01 November 2013

Babe RuthMaking a five-hundred-home-run-record is a big thing, but nobody can imagine being the first to do it. Babe Ruth Junior, also known as the Sultan of Swat, or fondly known as the Bambino, holds the title to this honor. The pro baseball league player started off his career playing for the Boston Red Sox in the year 1914. The south paw would bat and pitch as well, but he became famous for his slugging more than anything else. 11 July, 1914, saw the onset of his promising career, and a change in the history of baseball.

The first man to make 500 home runs, Ruth's record was not broken, nor even matched, until the year 1974, 45 years after he made this record in 1929. At the time he was playing for the New York Yankees. When his record was finally beaten, it was by another Yankees player. Ruth was born in Baltimore, Maryland on the 6 February, 1895. He died in New York at the age of 53. His first MLB appearance saw him adorn a Red Sox jersey. In his final MLB appearance, he was seen in Boston Braves colors.

Career Highlights and Statistics

In between he played for the Yankees, showing that the man was one of America's most wanted league players during his time. Being and outfielder and a pitcher, it was quite surprising that he had a batting average of 0.342 with 2,873 hits in his career. The two-time all-star also holds the title of seven-time World Series champion, through the years 1915 to 1932. Apart from these two major career highlight, Ruth also holds 12 AL home run champion titles, showing his batting prowess.

Babe RuthBabe Ruth had a two-to-one win-loss ratio, quite often bringing his side victory right out of the jaws of defeat. A much respected player, Ruth was among the stars during his time, and is still considered a legend by many enthusiasts. Creating the stepping stones in baseball history, the Bambino has 714 home runs to his name, a number that was unthinkable at one point. True to his nickname, the Sultan of Swat was in fact quite popular because of swatting the ball away to glory as if it took no effort at all. The lefty is still popular, as many people think that he may be the best pro player of all time.

Activities off the Field

Known to be a hitter, his career saw him play for some of the most elite teams in the league. When he was not on the pitch, he was known to do a lot of social work. He would teach kids how to play baseball, and was a very popular celebrity figure during his time. However, he was also known for the reckless way in which he would live at times. Just in his twenties, Ruth became a superstar, and climbed up the ladder and proved his worth at every turn.!Technorati!Newsvine!Blogmarks!Yahoo!