Hank Aaron, Baseball Legend
Written by Liz Banks   
Monday, 01 September 2014

Hank AaronHank Louis Aaron, popularly known as Hammer, or Hammerin’ Hank, was born in Mobile Alabama. His parents, Estella and Herbert Aaron had eight children in all, among whom Hank and his brother Tommie both joined the MLB and pursued their professional league baseball careers. Hank had a short spell playing for the Negro league. He also played for some minor league championships before getting into professional baseball.

Hank Aaron was an amazing baseball player, making his name through his astounding game. At the end of his career, he was just the eighth person to ever reach the 500 home run milestone. He was also the second youngest baseball player to make this mark. Hank was raised by a poor family. His occupation was to pick cotton on farms. Quite a few people speculate that this occupation had given him the forearm strength to manage to hit the number of runs he did in the MLB.

Hank AaronHammering through Records

Hank Aaron, or the Hammer, smashed records behind him and rose to the top three hitters with an astounding total of 755 career home runs. His batting average through the course of his career was .305, and he had close to 2300 runs to his name. More astonishing was that he had almost 4000 hits by the end of his professional league career.

He played for the Milwaukee and Atlanta Braves from the years 1954 through 1974. The last two years of his time in the league saw him wearing the Milwaukee Brewers uniform colors. All in all, Aaron brought in 25 All Star titles through the years, without a single year where he did not win one. He also won three Gold Glove Awards from 1958 to 1960. He was a two-time NL batting champion and a four-time NL home run champion.

Difficulties and Surpassing the Almighty Babe Ruth

With many awards and tributes, Hank Aaron was inducted to the Baseball Hall of fame in 1982, making his family proud. History has it that the surpassing of Babe Ruth made his life difficult. Many people in the public were still against colored people, and they were unable to stand the fact that a black player had surpassed the much respected Ruth’s record.

Hank AaronJournalists and Reporters were hatefully called ‘nigger lovers’ and Aaron received a large amount of hate mail because of his astounding achievements. It is also said that Hank had the opportunity to join the Giants during his professional league debut. Later he was quoted saying that he missed out on being a teammate of Willie Mays just because the Braves contract was getting him $50 more every month.

Although he did not play for the New York Giants, the Braves saw quite a few good games while they had Aaron play for them. His position was right fielder, and he was a right hand batter and pitcher. In the number of career home runs, Aaron is now second, just below Barry Bonds. He is the top scorer in the Baseball Hall of Fame.