One Final Postseason Thought
Written by Liz Banks   
Tuesday, 01 December 2015

Post SeasonOne Final Postseason Thought

An article by Sports on Earth

All told, Derek Jeter and the Yankees ruined it for everyone. The baseball postseason expanded for the first time in 1969, doubling the number of playoff games a team or a player could take part in, and it did so again in 1995, adding a whole other round. That playoff expansion happened to coincide exactly with not only the Yankees' dynasty -- well, the most recent Yankees postseason dynasty -- but with Jeter's career. Jeter was the key player over nearly 20 years of regular postseason appearances. Thus, Jeter -- along with Bernie Williams and Manny Ramirez -- leads in a ton of postseason categories, and likely will for a long time. Here are the top five postseason all-time leaders in major counting stats

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