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Common Name:
Jimmie Foxx
October 22, 1907,
in Sudlersville, Maryland
Full Name:
James Emory Foxx
Major League Debut:
May 1, 1925
Primary Team:
Philadelphia Athletics
Nick Names:
The Beast, Double-X
Primary Position:
First Baseman
Primary Uniform:

Teams Played For:
Philadelphia A's (1925-1935), Boston Red Sox (1936-1942), Chicago Cubs (1942, 1944), Philadelphia Phillies (1945)
Primary Team: Philadelphia Athletics
Post Season:
1929 World Series, 1930 World Series, 1931 World Series
All-Star (9): 1933-1941; American League Most Valuable Player 1932, 1933 and 1938
A fearsome power hitter whose strength earned him the moniker "The Beast," Jimmie Foxx was the anchor of an intimidating Philadelphia Athletics lineup that produced pennant winners from 1929 to 1931. The second batter in history to top 500 home runs, Foxx belted 30 or more homers in 12 consecutive seasons and drove in more than 100 runs 13 consecutive years, including a career-best 175 with Boston in 1938. He won back-to-back MVP awards in 1932 and '33, capturing the Triple Crown the latter year.
"He had great powerful arms, and he used to wear his sleeves cut off way up, and when he dug in and raised that bat, his muscles would bulge and ripple."
— Ted Lyons
Did You Know?...
Jimmie Foxx holds the record for most walks in a big league game with six on June 16, 1938.
Hall of Fame
Elected to Hall of Fame by Baseball Writers in 1951, Player
179 votes on 226 ballots 79.2%
Hall of Fame Teammate:
Al Simmons
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